The Society for Claustrum Research Social
Date & Time: Monday, October 19, 2015 6:30pm - 9:30pm
Location: The Scout
Sponsor Category: Individual Group
Sponsored By: Society for Claustrum Research
Keynote address : Christof Koch (Allen Institute for Brain Science and Caltech)
  • Adam Packer: Integration of multisensory inputs by single neurons in the claustrum
  • Amy Robinson: Intra-claustral connectivity in the rat measured with voltage sensitive dye imaging
  • Cristina Patru: The claustrum and delusions
  • Yanxia Tang: Claustrum interneurons
  • Jared Smith: Consciousness alters resting-state functional connectivity of the claustrum

The second Society for Claustrum Research meeting took place Monday October 19th during the week of the annual Society for Neuroscience in Chicago, IL. It was a tremendous gathering for claustrum researchers to present cutting-edge data, network and establish collaborations. The meeting was made possible by the generous support from our sponsors:

University of Maryland School of Medicine Pharmacology Department

Monash University Physiology Department